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About Clara

When I was younger, I was very lucky to travel around the world with my family. This experience completely shifted my perspective of the world and made me want to give it more meaning and intention. This is how my journey really began.

I wasn't brought to yoga and ayurveda directly. I actually didn't used to like yoga, because it seemed to be only available to flexible and already calm people (I wasn't any of these!). My first yoga teacher training happened more as a way to connect back with myself rather than a real vocation... until later! I think I didn't realise the treasure I had between my hands when I got my yoga certificate in India. I was not only able to share this discipline that impacted my life so deeply, but also do it my own way, which is through more meaningful movements and the aim to go deeper within on and off the mat.

India naturally brought me to ayurveda, the sister of yoga. Ayurveda brought even more meaning to all these little everyday rituals. It made me appreciate the cooking process (I used to be the worst cook), move my body everyday (through yoga, pilates, danse, walks and swims, etc), breathe more mindfully, and more than anything, it brought me closer to myself and to my needs. I am so much more aware of what serves me and what makes my body and mind happy. It doesn't mean that I am perfect at all, but it definitely brought more alignment to my everyday life. Clara Ayurveda & Yoga is a project I am so proud of, so I hope to share my passion with you, whether it is in-person or online.

Education and Certifications

YTT 200h Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher training (India, 2019)

This was the more traditional part of my yoga training, with focus on philosophy, breathing, chanting, alignment - and amazing foods!

Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching (Australia, 2020-2021)

This was the more "modern" part of my training, with focus on anatomy, self-confidence and more adjusted movements.

Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation (2022-2023)

I trained in remedial bodywork therapies, ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, understanding of ayurvedic anatomy and physiology as well as modern biomedical science + more than 260h of clinical placement in various clinics in Australia.

Ayurveda Consultation Massage  Private Yoga Bondi Sydney
Ayurveda Consultation Massage  Private Yoga Bondi Sydney

My Philosophy & Values

The purpose of my work is to help you restore your unique and individual balance. It is very important to me to offer personalised advices, that will suit you and your current challenges. You are one of a kind!
I embody what I offer, which means that I apply yogic and ayurvedic principles and rituals to my everyday life. I have a passion for sharing yoga and ayurveda and help you with the best of my ability. 

It takes time to adjust your routines with new habits. I don’t expect you to apply the advices that I may give you overnight, nor I think it would be beneficial. This sets high expectations on yourself and may put more pressure on your shoulders. Ayurveda and Yoga are natural therapies, hence their effect doesn’t happen overnight, but rather gradually. I believe new habits should also be applied to our life bit by bit, at your own time.

My aim is not for you to leave my sessions, whether it is consultations, treatments or classes, feeling overwhelmed of everything you need to change or stop doing in your life. I hope I can share my enthusiasm with you, and leave you excited to implement new things into your daily life, with intention and curiosity.
Disclaimer: Ayurveda is considered as a complementary medicine in Australia. This means that it doesn’t replace any GP or other specialist advices. 

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